Cold Foil Printing: What, How, and Why

What is cold foil printing?

On the one hand, there’s an abundance of custom label printing methods on the market these days. On the other hand, it can be hard to find out what choice is the best for your brand’s vision. From pressure-sensitive and peel-back labels to foil and shrink-sleeve labels. The possibilities are endless for how to elevate your company’s look. If you’re specifically looking for a shiny tint on your labels that will catch the attention of any buyer, then cold foil printing may be the right fit for you.

It is a decorative metallic printing technique that combines textured stock with foil to create a high-end and elegant look for your product. This method is most commonly used to display an attractive shelf appeal typically for cartons, wine & beverage labels, and cosmetic packaging. As a thin material, cold foil can easily be layered to add dimension to the look of the product and more so, it is available in multiple colors.

Cold Foil Printing

How Does It Work?

Unlike hot foil, cold foil printing methods rely on ultraviolet light instead of temperature. With a standard printing plate, cold foil can be done inline on a press. The machine is printing foil from a roll onto the substrate using a UV-activated adhesive to display the desired image. A pressure roller is then sealing the whole image. The printing specialist removes the foil that doesn’t adhere to the adhesive. Voilà your printed cold foil label is born.

Best Materials for Cold Foil Printing:

  • Smooth Paper– This includes gloss and dull-coated paper stocks.
  • Plastics– Most synthetic and plastic stocks also work great for this type of printing,
  • Metallized Materials– Since cold foil is a metal-based material, printing on this type of stock can make your label shine.

Benefits of Cold Foil Printing:

  • Time & Energy Saving– One of the biggest pros is the nature of its process. It requires one machine and can complete the operation in a single session. This makes production faster and simpler.
  • Works for wide areas– It is effective for large areas including full coverage of products.
  • Layered effects– Since the process of cold foil printing is completed on a flat surface, it’s simple to apply additional effects overtop your foil designs.
  • Elegant design– Foil labels undoubtedly elevate any product with shimmery silver, gold, or other colors to bring elegance. What better way to stick out amongst the competition?
  • Environmentally friendly– Good news. You can recycle metal-based cold foil press sheets, which means printing won’t create unnecessary waste.

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