Top Label Design Trends 2022

Overview of the Most Popular Label Design Printing Trends in 2022

Printing is a big part of your brand image-building and awareness initiatives. For marketability, it’s critical to choose a label design that’s attractive, informative and engages customers. It’s also essential to stay on trend so buyers who pick up your product feel drawn to buy it. As you seek out commercial label printing companies to help you achieve the perfect label, know that Kwality Labels is dedicated to ensuring you get the very best results and has a track record of excellence.

Packaging Label Design—An Introduction

Label make an impression, or not. When it comes to consumers remembering your brand and seeking out your products, it comes down to whether you can create an attractive label that’s modern, bold, and a solid representation of your brand. There’s more flexibility and versatility in the products a digital printing company can offer compared to older methods of label-making. That works in your favor.

At the same time, you can ensure each product has the necessary information consumers need to make a buying decision, such as instructions, benefits, and features of the product.

Label trends change often, which is why you want to select custom label printing companies with the most on-target, innovative solutions available.

How do you choose a digital printing company for labels? Consider these important trends you want to see the provider offers.

Top Trend #1—Eco-friendly Label Printing

Eco-friendly labels are a must for any company that wants to reduce its carbon footprint and build environmentally friendly practices. Because traditional plastic labels last for a very long time in landfills, many companies have moved to eco-friendly solutions.

Technological advancement in flexographic and digital print has driven the industry towards more efficient uses of consumables such as inks and materials with less carbon footprint. These constant innovations are a catalyst resulting in longer-lasting, reliable labels.

Seek out Kwality Labels for your eco-friendly printing.

Top Trend #2—Simplicity and Clarity in Digital Label Printing

Labels are now simpler than ever. Gone are the days when manufacturers would fill the entire bottle or box with as much information as possible. Instead, a cleaner and simpler look are common.

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Some brands have cut down on text on labels in favor of geometric designs that create a more refined look. Visuals are retained by the brain more readily than text, which allows these products to be more memorable overall.

In addition, many organizations have moved to add finishes to their product labels. Finishes come in a variety of forms, all of which can provide exceptional results. This creates a visual element coupled with a touch and feels that people remember. Another option is to add foil stamping to create an even classier look.

The top coat for the finished look of the label can be glossy or matte. Specialty finishes can help one product easily stand out from others.

Top Trend #3—Personalized Packaging with Custom Label Printing

Personalization is a fantastic way to help any product stand out from the competition. It is also one of the most prominent label trends in recent years. Personalized labels allow brands to create a strong connection with their customers. There are various ways to create personalized labels and that’s what makes it so interesting.

For example, it’s possible to tailor a product’s label to a specific location or to celebrate a specific type of event. It’s not uncommon, for example, for brands to celebrate seasons, holidays, football championships, baseball games, and many more events through these personalized labels.

It’s also possible to incorporate city names or metro area attractions and other hyper-local bits of information to help create more connections between the product and the consumer. One beverage company created products with consumers’ first names on them, encouraging people to seek out their names and driving sales as a result. Personalization may also include designing limited-edition designs or unique looks that remain on shelves for a very short period, making them highly collectible. This can be achieved easily with digital printing today.

When you want this type of custom label printing, Canadian and global retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and home-based businesses can rely on Kwality Labels who have 40 years of expertise in the print industry. Check out a few examples of our work to see what you can achieve.

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