The Fundamentals of Pressure Sensitive Labels

What Are Pressure Sensitive Labels?

Pressure sensitive labels are one of the most efficient choices for many types of products. You may commonly see these labels used for branding across a variety of products, from food containers to medical devices, wine bottles, pharmaceuticals, plastic pouches, personal care products, and more.

These stickers have a printed front. We can print them on paper, film, or foil, allowing clients to choose a material best suited for their product. The back is an adhesive that forms a bond with the material it is placed on. When pressure is applied to the front of the label, the adhesive holds onto the desired surface.

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Use of Pressure Sensitive Labels

At Kwality Labels, we produce pressure sensitive labels in different shapes and sizes, customized for your needs. Our customers apply these labels to a range of surfaces or materials, including plastic, glass, and even corrugated cardboard. Depending on the surface & adhesive, it may be possible to remove the label after it’s placed.

Labels can be clear, allowing the non-print areas to show the contents of the packaging. Others have a significant amount of detail like what you may see on pharmaceutical, food, or healthcare product label. An example of this might be a peal back label that is printed on two-sides. On the other hand, a simplistic type of label is a white-background shipping label you may see on a delivery box or carton.

Organizations looking for custom product label printing may consider using pressure sensitive labels because of their versatility. They can be used to create strong product branding that stands out from the competition. With ample sizing flexibility, these labels work well on small & large containers. They can also work well on materials used outdoors for long periods of time, such as on tools or equipment that are exposed to outside elements.

Imperative aspects to determine prior to print

The stock is selected based on factors such as:

  • Will the label have exposure to high or low temperatures? For example, is refrigeration required?
  • Will it remain dry or is it likely to get wet? For example, shampoo labels.
  • Is it meant to be permanent or does it need to be removable?

For the label application on the substrate the following needs to be determined:

  • Is it machine applied? In this case, one must know the spacing between labels and run direction (right or left or other).
  • When done by hand, the application process is easy. Simply peel the label off the backing, position it on the desired surface, and press it into place.

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Are Pressure Sensitive Labels Sustainable?

The short answer is, that it depends. Some pressure sensitive labels could be sustainable depending on the materials used. When you can easily remove the label from a package, you can reuse or recycle it.

Recently, Avery Denison, a supplier of materials to the label industry introduced a recyclable adhesive technology.

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