Sustainability As a Trend in Labels Printing

Sustainability Trends in Label Printing

A label can make a big impact on the environment. Changing your label can result in a substantial benefit to the planet. Often, the focus is on the marketability of the label without concern for the environment. Without compromising the quality of the label, it is possible to make better choices that have a positive impact.

What You Should Know About Label Sustainability

Trends That Make a Label Sustainable

Some label printing companies have transformed the way they produce labels paying close attention to environmentally friendly practices. Here are a few of the ways label companies are doing that.

  • Smaller label size: Reducing the size of the label means less use of resources. These labels are still readable and conform to branding goals. Designed at a compact size but still impactful.
  • Better material selection: Label companies are using sustainable materials that are less harsh on the environment such as FSC-certified stocks that can be compostable and using environmentally friendly inks.
  • Recyclable labels: While some labels are recyclable, for the others that are not, there are solutions including specialized liners or no liner labels.
  • Fewer resources: Some companies are using solutions that require less energy means less fuel.
  • Reusability: It’s not possible to reuse labels, but it is possible to design labels that peel off easily, which allows the packaging to be reused.

These are a few of the ways label printing is becoming more sustainable. Every printer differs in how they accomplish these goals. That’s why you should talk to your label company to better understand what steps they are taking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Benefits of Choosing Sustainable Labeling

The obvious benefit of turning to a company creating eco-friendly labels is to help do your part and reduce the negative impact of these products on the environment.

Customers want eco-friendly products

When you have labels printed that are eco-friendly, you can then tell your customers that you are engaging in sustainability practices. Many of today’s consumers appreciate this, with some only willing to buy from companies that make a significant effort to reduce their carbon footprint. By engaging in this practice, your customers feel better working with you, and you benefit as a result.

Encourage customers to make a change

Businesses can encourage customers to pay closer attention to the products they use and their sustainability. Many companies are dedicated to helping reduce waste and lower fuel consumption. Getting customers to pay attention to the little things can help to make that possible. You’re promoting a healthier, greener planet when you do your part to reduce waste.

Around the world, plastic products, including single-use product packaging, are ending up in landfills at an alarming rate. A 2022 report from OECD found plastic waste across the world will triple by 2060. Many materials end up in the ocean or otherwise contribute to pollution. Labels are found on most of these plastic products and contribute to the negative effects.

Recently, the government of Canada has rolled out a ban on single-use plastic products. 6 categories of single-use plastics will be banned from manufacture, import, export, and sale by the end of 2025.

Some customers want to pay for better products

A First Insight survey found that 62% of millennials and Gen Zers want to buy from sustainable brands, with most stating they would pay more to work with companies that offer products that are more eco-friendly overall. As a company, you want to be a part of those products that customers want to seek out, and significant changes to labels is one way to do so.

There are good reasons to invest in environmentally conscious products like this! Most often, there is no change to the quality, customization, or overall look of the labeling. It doesn’t have to cost a lot more either. This makes it positive decision companies can make for their carbon and emissions efforts.

Get the Help You Need to Go Green

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