Kwality Labels Products

Win the shelf by building a brand that gets noticed.

Engage the user to become inclined towards your product.

Regardless of which product you choose, your label will have a tremendous pull to gain a competitive advantage.

Kwality Labels has long serviced industries such as Food and Beverage,
Nutraceutical, Cosmetics, Health Products and others.

We have the capability of printing on multiple substrates.

Pressure Sensitive

Kwality Labels Stickers

Pressure sensitive, also known as stickers, can be printed on paper, film or foil.

This solution can be applied to almost any package and is by far the most common choice for clients including thermal transfer and direct thermal applications.

The label can be peeled off the backing and lightly applied by hand or alternatively machine applied.

Adhesion can be removable or permanent and last through high or low temperatures depending on the requirements.

We provide blanks or pre-printed labels for your printers.

Cut & Stack/Sheeted

Cut & Stack/Sheeted labels

Cut & Stack/Sheeted labels are die cut to size with or without backing (supported/unsupported) and stacked to a required bundle size.

These labels can be wrapped around products that may be glued with an overlap to achieve a 360° branding.

Alternatively, they may be glued onto the product directly, for instance, a juice bottle.

Double Sided/Peel Back

Double Sided/Peel Back

Sometimes called extended content, these types of labels are used to increase real estate within a small space.

Printed front and back to convey extensive information commonly seen with vitamin, nutraceutical and chemical products.

These labels may be hinged or multi-layered with a smooth peel back to reveal more content.

Shrink Sleeve

Shrink Sleeve labels

These types of labels are fitted over a product and by using heat they conform to the full body shape of the container.

These sleeves are moisture proof, and with artwork printed on the inside of the sleeve, they become resistant to abrasion and contamination from the product itself.

Because shrink sleeve labels offer coverage of the entire container, there is more space available for messaging and branding.

Cold Foil

Cold Foil

Cold foil is an on-press application of a thin layer of foil onto the label substrate commonly seen in the beverage & beauty industries.

Wine, beer, and spirits’ producers are in a crowded trillion dollar marketplace and face an on-going challenge in winning market shares.

Use textured stock with cold foil to create a metallic, high-end, sophisticated, dramatic look.

Silver, gold or any other shiny tint will draw attention to a compelling label that helps connect with the buyer.


spiral labels

Kwality Labels is the leader in the spiral label market in Canada, producing labels for high quality packaging within the food and beverage industries including chip/snack canisters and frozen juice containers.

We also produce a variety of spiral applications, for example,
caulking tubes and tape cores.

These spiral wound labels, that wrap around composite materials that form the canister, can showcase impactful graphics top to bottom.


tea bag labels
tea bag labels

Kwality Labels provides customized labels for products that come in pouches like coffee, tea and much more.

Labels for flexible packaging such as standup bags and pouches come in a variety of shapes, sizes & materials and help show off graphics and logos.