G7 Printing: The Key to a Successfully Color Managed Workflow

G7 Printing: A Key of the Color Managed Workflow

In the world of printing and graphic arts, ensuring consistent and accurate color reproduction is crucial. Getting your brand to look cohesive on custom labels across different printing processes with various materials & inks requires a robust and standardized workflow. That’s where G7 Printing comes in.

What is G7 Printing?

G7 Printing is a set of specifications to ensure visual similarity across all print processes. Idealliance, a leading global industry association focused on best practices for the supply chain, issues G7 certifications. Idealliance also provides an official directory of all qualified G7 companies worldwide – including yours truly, Kwality Labels.

G7 Printing aims to create a universal standard for achieving consistent and predictable reproduction across different printing processes, substrates, and equipment. As a result, G7 Printing enables printers to produce a shared neutral appearance.

Understanding G7 Printing Standards

G7 Printing standards define a methodology for calibrating printing devices and establishing a neutral gray balance. It focuses on aligning the printing process with the visual perception of the human eye. G7 describes targets and values for CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) printing only.  It does not apply to any Pantone spot or brand colors that are printed. By targeting specific color values and gray balance, G7 Printing helps create a common language for color reproduction, making it easier for different printing systems to produce consistent results.

G7 printing shared visual appearance 1
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G7 Printing and Color Management

What’s more, G7 Printing is one of the most powerful tools in the color management field. A simply subjective visual inspection of custom-label printing products isn’t enough. G7 Printing uses a specific calibration technique to help printers validate color controls by relying on numerically precise color measurement and control techniques to reproduce consistent and accurate colors. G7, by itself, is technically NOT color management as it only talks about gray balance with CMYK printing.  Color management is done using additional tools and software that require a base G7 standard properly achieved.  If one cannot print to G7, color management is not possible hence G7 is the key to color-managed workflow.

By upholding a high standard of color management principles, G7 Printing helps printers streamline their workflows, reduce color variation, and improve efficiency.

Benefits of G7 Printing Workflow

The adoption of the G7 Printing workflow brings several benefits to both printers and their clients. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Consistent color reproduction: G7 Printing establishes a standard color appearance that can be reproduced reliably across various printing technologies. This ensures consistent brand representation.
  • Reduced color waste: By achieving accurate color reproduction early in the process, G7 Printing minimizes the need for costly reprints and color corrections.
  • Faster time to market: The streamlined G7 Printing workflow reduces the time required for color adjustments and proofing, accelerating the production cycle.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: G7 Printing allows printers to consistently meet or exceed client expectations, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Accurate match from Proof to Press: G7 offers a simple yet powerful way to match from proof to press.
G7 printing shared visual appearance 2
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Implementing G7 Printing

Implementing G7 Printing involves a series of steps, including device calibration, color profiling, and iterative testing. Print service providers can either seek G7 Master Printer Certification– such as Kwality Labels– or work with G7 Certified Experts who possess the necessary knowledge and expertise to implement the standards effectively. Also, proper training, measurement tools, and software are essential to successfully adopting the G7 Printing workflow.

G7 Printing for Different Printing Methods

G7 Printing is applicable to various printing methods, including offset, flexography, and digital printing. The flexibility of G7 Printing allows custom-label printers to achieve a consistent appearance regardless of the specific printing method employed. This standardization enables the seamless integration of different printing technologies within a single production environment.

G7 Printing and Proofing

Additionally, G7 Printing standards also extend to the proofing process. By calibrating and aligning proofing devices with printing devices, G7 Printing ensures that proofs accurately represent the final printed output. This reduces discrepancies between proofs and prints, improving the overall color accuracy and reliability of the proofing stage. This also saves time and materials on press trying to match a proof signed off by a client.

Quality Control and Assurance in G7 Printing

G7 Printing incorporates comprehensive quality control and assurance measures. Establishing a predictable color space enables precise monitoring and control of color reproduction throughout the workflow. It simply goes beyond a basic visual inspection to guarantee quality. For instance, regular color measurements, adherence to standardized procedures, and continuous process improvement ensure the ongoing accuracy and consistency of G7 Printing. Some brand owners insist on printing only at G7-certified print houses.

G7 Printing and Color Communication

Furthermore, effective color communication is essential in the print production workflow. G7 Printing enhances the accuracy of this by providing a common language for describing color expectations and targets. Whether between designers, print buyers, or printers, G7 Printing facilitates clearer and more accurate communication. The numerical method is accurate– which reduces misunderstandings and ensures everyone is on the same page.

Previously, color was judged by the eyes of a very small group of color-knowledgeable people, which meant a reliance on that group alone.  With the simpler numeric method, that everyone can easily follow, there is no longer a need to rely on the human eye.

Why Choose Kwality Labels For Your G7 Printing Needs?


Kwality Labels is a qualified G7 Master Facility with a G7 Expert in-house.

Overall, G7 Printing has become a key component of the color-managed workflow in the printing industry. By implementing G7 Printing standards at Kwality Labels, we achieve consistent and accurate color reproduction, regardless of the printing technique.

Rest assured that your brand color will remain accurate and consistent in custom label printing because it is G7 managed at Kwality Labels. Explore the benefits of G7 Printing and consider Kwality Labels’ label printing Toronto industry standard guarantee. Reach out to our team to start producing your visually consistent and high-quality custom labels today.