Cut & Stack labels for high volumes. Less waste, low cost.

Faster, Greener, Affordable Custom Labeling with Cut & Stack Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are an easy and effective choice for most applications. However, for high volumes, manufacturers and packaging companies need an option that is more cost-effective and faster to use. That’s where cut and stack labels come into play.

From food & beverage to health & beauty products, to household goods, custom product label printing is done affordably and effectively with cut and stack labels. You can achieve eye-catching, 360° branding, or stick labels directly on the product package. With very little waste during printing and packaging, this method of commercial label printing becomes an eco-friendly option.

So, three great reasons to choose cut and stack for your custom product labeling are:

  1. Speed,
  2. Sustainability
  3. and Price!

With Kwality Labels, we give you top quality, consistent customer service, and the right labeling solutions to suit your application needs. You can see our work here.


Cut & Stack Label Definition

Cut and stack labels are a cost-effective solution that works for many types of products. As the name suggests, these labels are printed on rolls, cut to the required shape, and then each is stacked for fast and easy application. This method helps to minimize production time in high-volume settings. For our customers aiming to achieve packaging and branding for shorter time-to-market cycles, this type of commercial label printing is an easy choice.

Common Uses for Cut & Stack Labels

Though versatile for many applications, these labels are specifically beneficial for products such as:

  • Canned goods
  • Glass jars and bottles of all types
  • Household products
  • Beverages and dairy products
  • Food packages, including specialty foods
  • Health and beauty products
  • Automotive products

Overall, when it comes to commercial label printing, cut and stack labels are useful for most needs, especially when there is a need for affordability and quicker production times.

Material Choices for Cut & Stack Labels

There are several material options available for these commercial printed labels, including:

  • Traditional paper: The least expensive option with the most versatility, paper labels are a good choice overall. One drawback is that, like all types of paper, there is a risk of tearing and damage from moisture.
  • Synthetic stock: An upgraded option from paper, this type of label includes plastic polymers which add to the durability and make it harder to rip. In addition, it adds a nice finish to the label helping it to stand out on the shelf in a store.
  • Metalized cut and stack: A higher quality product, these labels have been vaporized using a microscopic layer of aluminum. This adds more durability to the label, along with a glossy shine.


Key Features of Cut & Stack Labels

Commercial labels may seem to insignificantly add to the cost of products for the end customer but a manufacturer or distributor knows the difference a high-quality, custom-printed label can make. Not only does the cut and stack label make your product stand out on the shelf, but it also withstands the stress of warehousing, transportation, and ultimately, handling by the end user. At Kwality Labels, we recommend this type of label as a dependable option to our customers due to the following key features:

  • Highly cost-effective
  • A fast, affordable solution for high-volume products
  • Can be cut with or without any backing and stacked to suit the product bundling size
  • Eco-friendly designs – and can be die cut to any size and shape
  • Minimal waste produced during the manufacturing process
  • Choice of materials – paper, film, or foil – clear, white, or colored
  • Compatible with a wide variety of special finishes – choose from lamination, embossing, UV coating, or foil stamping

Why Choose Kwality Labels for Cut & Stack Labels?

Kwality Labels provides high-quality cut and stack labels for companies of all types. You can depend on us for superior customer service and the perfect label for your needs. Serving the Greater Toronto Area since 1980, we’re ready to help you get the results you need for your product packaging and branding.

To learn more about the options in cut and stack labels from a leader in flexo & digital label printing, contact Kwality Labels Inc. today. Feel free to call us at 905-780-9496.