Custom Label Printing: A Guide to Extended Content Labels

Extended Content Labels Guide

Double Sided Label on the Vitamin A bottle

When product packaging space is small, extended content labels are an obvious solution. As an entrepreneur or marketer, you know how crucial it is to immediately grab a potential customer’s attention. With your necessary product details, it can be hard to design packaging that doesn’t immediately overwhelm shoppers. That’s where extended content labels come in.

Extended Content Labels (ECLs): What are they?

Extended content labels (or ECLs), also known as double-sided or peel-back, provide extra space on your product for information. For example, first-aid products require warning labels and fine print. Other necessary information could include instructions or multi-lingual text.

Extended content labels often contain multiple panels that can fold out or peel-back. They contain more printable space for information than non-peel-back labels. Most importantly, ECL custom label printing allows you to include all essential data without sacrificing the overall look of your product. Overall, this method frees up space for more creative design.

Different Types of ECLs

Furthermore, extended content labels include a range of printing options. These depend on your product size and shape. A variety of custom label printing methods exist to perfectly execute your product and brand vision.

Here are three popular ECL types:

Double-Sided/Peel-Back Labels

Firstly, double-sided or peel-back labels easily create real estate within a small space. With up to three pages of graphics and text, you can peel away the top layer of these labels to reveal more information. Secondly, re-sealable construction allows peel-back labels to be put back after opening to avoid taking up excess space. By printing on both sides of the label, double-sided or peel-back labels are one of the most effective custom label printing methods.

Booklet Labels

Booklet labels help you pack in as much information as possible. With up to 72 pages, there is a lot of space for useful information. Also known as hinge labels, booklet ECLs allows you to print on the front and backside of the many pages of the label. The medicine and cosmetic industries most commonly use booklet labels. For example, placing extensive ingredients, directions, and regulatory information in a booklet label helps save space on the rest of the product. 

Moreover, booklet labels offer great value to customers. They allow you to offer exceptional coupon deals, branding insights, and detailed messaging. Since a booklet label is essentially a travel-sized pamphlet, there is a lot of opportunity for branding

Wraparound Labels

Wrap Around Label Kwality Labels

Lastly, wraparound labels specifically fit for cylindrical containers. This extended content label method offers 720 degrees of label print space. Depending on your needs, wraparound labels can wrap multiple times around a container. Also, the inside of the adhesive wrap has the potential to be printed on for even more brand content.

Once choosing the right extended label type for your brand it goes into production. Traditionally, flexographic printing produces the most detailed and vibrant designs. Flexo printing is used by companies for custom label printing thanks to its high-quality and efficient results.

Say More with Less Waste

ECLs are a sleek way to condense necessary information into a small space. But they’re also an eco-friendly labeling solution.

Extended content labels reduce excess packaging by replacing stand-alone pamphlets and packaging inserts. Also, extended content labels streamline your products. So, not only do you save the planet with your custom label printing, but you also make your product more appealing.

Overall, custom label printing offers businesses many benefits. Extended content labels are the perfect solution for easily adapting to changing product regulations and reaching a multi-lingual audience.

Why Choose Kwality Labels for your Custom Printing Needs?

Here at Kwality Labels, we aim to bring your envisioned custom labels to life. We know how important it is to communicate all of your brand information on a single label. You need to attract a customer’s attention and work hard to keep it. That’s why we offer extended content printing.

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